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Resources for My-Hite Collection (includes Beam System)

My-Hite Adjustable Desk Brochure
My-Hite Beam System Brochure (data and power distribution)
My-Hite Quick Ship Program Brochure
The MY-HITE Collection Pricebook
My-Hite Mobile Pedestal Brochure
My-Hite Straight, Two Leg Installation Manual
My-Hite Corner, Three Leg Installation Manual

Resources for Interra Modern Cubicle System

Interra Pricebook
Interra Brochure (Includes Dash Open Office System)
Interra Sell Sheet
Interra Leed CI Sheet
Interra Installation Manual

Resources for Gitana Laminate Office Furniture

Gitana Catalog and Price List
Gitana Sell Sheet

Resources for Dash Modern, Open Office System

Dash Brochure (includes Interra Line)
Dash Price Book
Dash Sales Sheet
Dash Installation Manual

Resources for Commercial Seating

Commercial Seating Brochure
Commercial Seating Catalog and Pricebook

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