My-Hite Standing Desks

Commercial Quality Adjustable Desks Optional Beam System-Power/Data Management For Teams

Team Ready!

Multiple ways to handle power and data! We offer free design services. Free plans, layouts and rederings.

Near Limitless Designs. Three base colors, Silver, White Cloud and Black Umber. 28 Standard laminates in hundreds of shapes and sizes.

The MY-HITE Standing Desk Collection

Commercial Quality, Height Adjustable Desks

The modern office is here: standing desks that adjust their height at the touch of a button, with clean, efficient furniture that allows you to adapt quickly and easily, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

Add in the new Beam, which allows you to control all the data and power for your standing desks, with a minimum of mess and wires and you have the perfect office solution
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Integrate MY-HITE Standing Desks...check out the other lines of furniture we carry to complete your office. Each one integrates seamlessly with MY-HITE desks. Click on one of the pictures below or follow a link under RELATED FURNITURE LINES, in the navigation above.

my-hite collection, side view, close up and cropped.

MY-HITE Integrations...Complete Your Office

Integrate MY-HITE with...

Gitana: Affordable, Laminate Furniture

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Dash: the open office solution

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Interra:  Modern Panel System

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Integrate MY-HITE with...

My-HITE!  The incredible beam system.

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MY-HITE Adjustable Desks, More Info.

If you want more information about MY-HITE Adjustable Desks (or any of our other lines), brochures, catalogs, complete pricebooks and installation instructions are available in our Documents And Pricing section.

Or you can call us @ 410-215-7356 or use the contact form below.

*Pricing is estimated and will vary based on configuration, layout and number of stations. Financing provided by Madison Capital. Monthly payments are estimates, based on 60 months and are subject to credit review. Minimum finance amount is $10,000.


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